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Natural State or Mahamudra


the natural state has always "been"; it is all what it is about

reality: it's intrinsically perfect and beautiful, the state of liberation.

since it has always been us, so to speak, it is nowhere to be found, nowhere

to be learned other than by stop trying to be something else.

in yoga, as we purify the veils that preclude us from experiencing

mahamudra, we learn to drop the ego and only the state remains.

mahamudra is enhanced when we go through the death

and surrender experience of luminosity or radiant light.

even though no one can teach you mahamudra, traditionally

a guru has been considered important in guiding the student

 so the latter does not misrecognize mahamudra for what it is not. 

ultimately the guru is within us and all the physical gurus

you may meet, even the etherical gurus of your visions and

deepest experiences, are nothing but a mirror of the guru within.

traditionally the state of mahamudra has been facilitated by

the practice and union of calm abiding (shamatha) and

insight (vipashyana) and / or by the practices of the three dharmas

or yogas of naropa. also, without any of the aforementioned

training mahamudra can be recognized spontaneously if we

could truly relax our mind. while in mahamudra, both

shamatha and vipashyana occur spontaneously.

the natural state or mahamudra is the same as full realization or

enlightenment, and when one has finally honored it as the

ultimate object of refuge then the work of the practitioner is

to relax and abandon all resistance to abide in it.

when mahamudra is recognized, compassion for all beings

or bodhichitta and the bodhisattva's vow are accomplished

instantly. paradoxically, it is realized that there is nothing to be

done and no one to be helped, as everything is already perfectly

pure and harmonious. true pure vision then arises and love is

understood as all movement of the mind-universe.

desire only arises when due to ignorance it is believed

that the movement of the mind-universe is inherently real,

 thus graspable, and there is the attempt to "snap a shot" at it.

as "we" indulge in the illusion of having fixed this flow into an

understandable entity, our illusion makes us see mind's movement

as a thought that only grows and grows as we continue

attempting to grasp to it; from there illusory

reality--the world--manifests, because we have stopped

flowing with the mind-universe's ever-evolving movement

by trying to fix it into a graspable, comprehensible thing. 

when mind's movements are accepted for what they

are and there is surrender to this unfathomable flow,

only pure loving movement beyond the world remains.

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