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On our Guru


the physical guru is nothing but a channel or mirror of the

 guru or light dwelling in the core of our hearts.

the meaning of "when the disciple is ready the master arrives"

is that only when the disciple becomes an appropriate vessel

for receiving teachings, whatever suitable channel (guru) happens

to be around will open up and wisdom will start pouring through

the channel to the vessel.  the real teaching from the guru is

a spontaneous act that has nothing to do with the guru's will

and everything to do with the suitability of the disciple. that's

why a real master can never truly decide whether to teach--his

role is just to relax and allow the channel to open up by itself

when in the presence of a qualified student.

a qualified student sees the  teacher as pure, as buddha itself.

only when the guru is seen with purity, admiration,

respect, and devotion the channel will open up.

the ultimate guru and object of refuge is the natural state.

keywords: physical guru, channel, mirror, vessel, qualified student, object of refuge